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September 10th - EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Announces Contract to Build 100,000 Houses.

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EHT Solar EnerTec

The EHT-FRSET is cutting edge solar module that can stand alone or be integrated into a structure.

At the core of the active ENERTEC product line is the FRSET Embedded Solar Roof Module. Traditional solar cells are embedded in the proprietary fire proof skin of the FRSET. Generally, the embedded solar cells are used in roof panels however, customers may request embedded solar panels on side, front and/or back walls of a structure to increase the amount of energy generated in a daily sun cycle.

The ENERTEC embedded solar cells result in substantial cost savings by eliminating heavy glass panels and aluminum racking required for traditional solar panels. Two barriers to the greater application of solar energy are weight limitations of the roof on which solar panels could be deployed and onerous shipping and labour costs. EHT's passive FRSIPs would need to be much thicker and thus more expensive if traditional panels were to be used. The development of embedded solar panels was intended to address this market limiting factor.

Furthermore, an ENERTEC home having embedded solar on its entire roof becomes a massive solar panel capable of producing significantly more energy than the home requires, allowing the structure to then become an important source of power for the local micro grid or large battery storage systems.

Manufactured using traditional solar panel production processes combined with customized assembly processes, EHT produces a leading edge solar product representing a new generation of solar panels and solar panel installation methods.