Each EnerRoom Modular Unit manufactured completely from EHT EnerTech comes fully equipped with managed solar power, a battery system, and all necessary electrical connections. Individual units come as a standard 14 feet (4.26m) by 9 feet (2.75m).

The cozy interior space is perfect for a variety of applications including remote job sites, home office space, tiny home communities, emergency housing, meeting rooms, student study rooms, homeless shelters, and many more, all without the need for an external power source.

The EHT EnerRoom unit has been designed to flat pack and ship anywhere for quick and easy assembly on site. After being assembled, easily accessible lifting points make moving the structure a breeze.

Due to the versatile design and technology integrated into the EnerRoom Modular Unit the system is easily scaled to fit everyone’s needs. The EnerRoom Modular System has been designed to allow multiple structures to be combined to increase useable indoor space as needed. Two single sleeping units can be attached and transformed into a larger meeting area or dining room.

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