3 kW Power Wagon – NEW 2020 MODEL

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EHT is proud to introduce the new 2020 PowerWagon. The new model is now equipped with the latest in high efficiency solar technology. The PowerWagon generates quiet solar power from every side and stores it in the onboard battery and power distribution system. Sides open upwards to triple the sky facing surface.

All day the wagon is continually charging and maintaining the onboard battery banks. On most days, the energy input to the battery banks will exceed demand thus leaving the power available for overnight use. When the flip up side walls are locked in the closed position all devices are safely powered in a secure trailer.

During operation, it’s completely noiseless; the energy is collected from solar irradiation so it is environmentally sustainable; it doesn’t emit any smelly gas, or noise; and, most importantly, it is free to run.

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3 kW PowerWagon


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